Best Canon Digital Camera Review:Canon SX 160 IS Digital Camera

29 Aug
canon digital camera-sx160is

canon digital camera-sx160is

After Canon with cheap bargain digicam PowerShot SX 130 IS and then the SX 150 IS has two very attractive models in the affordable all-round segment in the program, now the successor comes in the form of the SX 160 IS as a successor.

The Canon PowerShot SX 130 IS, 150 IS and 160 IS: A cheap and popular Familen or holiday digicam with excellent image quality

While the PowerShot SX 130 IS and 150 IS still offered a 12x zoom with a focal range of 28 to 336 mm (corresponding to the small-screen format), there are now in the new model, “more power”: At the short end, there are indeed still 28 mm, but it is now up to 448 mm – more than enough for normal purposes. Would have been nice here, here to offer a little more wide angle, because that would be better shots on buildings possible in narrow inner cities. Compared to the PowerShot SX 120 IS, the 2009 still had a 10-times zoom from 36 to 360 mm, the current objective of the SX 160 IS is often sufficient.

Always late August Canon brings in the best tradition of a new super-zoom digital camera, at the same time provides excellent image quality more than a fair price well below 200 euros. Is interesting to note that the manufacturer relies on the use of conventional AA batteries or batteries. These reduce the consequential costs, because there is no need to buy proprietary power cells, but you have the possibility to use existing batteries in many households. At this point, however, one piece of advice: As in our detailed review of the PowerShot SX 130 IS noted, you should rely on high powered rechargeable AA cells, such as the Sanyo Eneloops. Hold the necessary voltage even with intensive exposure (eg frequent lightning) and are therefore perfect for use in cameras.

Apart from the slightly better styled housing there is now a new sensor, which now resolves 16 megapixels. As we mentioned in the test of the Canon PowerShot A4000 IS found this brings but hardly a real advantage compared to 12 or 14 million pixels.

Otherwise there is the SX 160 IS only a few changes from the known models in this series: It is the optical zoom and 720p resolution in videos (ie “HD-ready” instead of “full HD”, which is still currently models are subject to more than 200 euro remains), and the 3-inch display with a slightly lower resolution is still on board. To achieve good results, there is an optical image stabilizer, which makes his job very effectively. Despite the presence of various art filters or effects (miniature, fish-eye, etc.) and the unusual in this price range manual adjustment, but lacks some convenience functions such as GPS and high-speed shooting. What remains is, of course, the ease of operation and now the (theoretical) and a higher resolution in practice only minimally perceptible increase the zoom factor and slightly improved response time of the device.

So it’s worth it – even though the SX 160 IS is a very good and attractive bridge camera – to throw quite a look at the price and possibly grasp the previous eye. So there are these possibly even the known food discounters as attractive range between cucumber and toilet paper or you hit at or. To at. There are also matching accessories – from the memory card on the bag up to the highly recommended batteries. More camera testing and course information can be found on our sister portals, where there are plenty of practical reviews of technology products, as well as digicam Test.


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